Power Steam Pro is a hand held commercial grade garment steamer. It steams in minutes and produces consistant steam for approximately 20 minutes. It can be used to get rid of wrinkles and odors from any type of fabric without the use of a metal sole plate or harsh chemicals for everyday garments as well as formal and traditional wear including suits, wedding dresses and costumes.



Power Steam Pro is designed small enough to be ideal for travel yet not too small to compromise its power. It is made of Lexan, an industrial polycarbonate which won't rust or corrode and is virtually unbreakable. Its versality makes this ideal for RV or boat travel as it doesn't require an ironing board. It is both cruise ship and air-line approved.


We have created a facial attachment as a way to thank our customers for their continued support. The facial attachment opens up the pores drawing out all dirt, oil and bacteria, naturally cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. This can be used as a vaporizer with or without essential oils as a natural way to clear head colds, congestions and relieve allergies and sinus ailments without the use of harsh medicine.


We are a small local company designing new and innovative products to make life easier. As a family business spanning three generations of women we take great pride in our products, customer service, and teamwork. We participate in numerous events across the United States to share new ideas and a variety of products.

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